Influence: Vanna Bardot

Influence: Vanna Bardot. Vanna Bardot came from crime, but all she ever wanted was to run her own sex club. When her enterprise doesn’t attract the clientele of her dreams, this kingpin’s progeny finds herself sucked back into an underworld of gamblers and crypto-scammers, would-be influencers and big time masterminds. After a hotshot hookup hips her to a bad bet, Vanna takes up with an international criminal consortium and accepts a job smuggling a crypto wallet from Little Dragon. With the help of her assistant Vicki Chase and their nymphomaniac-cum-financial genius friend April Olsen, Vanna pulls off a heist that ruffles a big boss’s feathers, and it will take more than pussy to smooth things over with Jason Luv. Ride along with the gang and catch all the action in the five-part crossover event of the summer..