Seeing Red Again

Seeing Red Again. Synopsis:Aria Carson and Maya Kendrick are having a slumber party, remembering all the good times they had during other slumber parties in the past. Maya becomes so confident, and emboldened by their intimacy, she gives Aria a kiss and admits that she has a crush on Aria. Aria admits that she’s always felt the same about Maya as well. As sparks fly, it’s clear that neither one of them will be doing much slumbering at this slumber party! Lacy Lennon and Vanna Bardot are long-standing rivals, who are often at the same auditions whenever the part calls for a redhead. This particular part calls for a redheaded lesbian who will be doing some simulated sex scenes. They both seem very confident that they will win the part. The ladies resolve to compete to see who can deliver a better simulated sex performance, both of them agreeing that ‘anything goes!’ Alexia Anders is at home, when the doorbell rings. Her visitor turns out to be Lauren Phillips, an older neighbor. Lauren is stopping by to check on Alexia, since her parents are on a trip. While Alexia claims that she is TOTALLY fine, Lauren can tell that something is wrong. Alexia confesses that she is a lesbian and these feelings have started to surface as she’s gotten older. Lauren reveals that she is also a lesbian, which surprises Alexia. Lauren asks if Alexia has ever thought about HER in intimate ways, to which Alexia admits that she has. As they undress and explore each other’s bodies, it becomes clear that Alexia’s spring break won’t be quite so lonely after all!.